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The color of my tears are forever changing:
Red and blue, fire and ice.
The color changes, as the emotions do.
My tears control themselves, matching my what I feel.
They build up and fall.
They stream from my blue glass
And trickle down my imperfections,
Slowly damping every flaw.
They reflect my sorrows and taunt my self control.
They hurt my self esteem and encourage the demons to feed.
When they're job is done, they drop to the floor, creating a puddle of the deepest thoughts from heart and my soul.
They promise to return, then vanish "au revoir".
The Colors of My Tears
I wrote this one night around one or two in morning... forget when exactly.. haven't edited yet.
One of the worst parts of having to grow up is having to figure out what you're going to do when you're a grown up.
Extraordinary. What am I?
Nothing special or outstanding. 
No talent unique, None fit to compare.
No feature too beautiful or too fair.

A penny rather than a dime.
A gem that's lost its shine.
A wilting flower in its prime
I think I've hit my limit.. If waking up in a pool of tears, curled up in a tight ball isnt it, then I don't know if I can handle more. I just woke up (1:30amish)... And I was fine at first... And I looked at my phone real quick, and then I just started to cry uncontrollably. And I curled up and just let the tears go... I was so angry all of a sudden. And I started beating my matress, I couldn't help it.. And then I scratched myself really hard a couple times (as I've found I do when I'm in new situations, or ones I feel I have no control, or when I am with someone that makes me upset)  and I didn't seem to notice until after this affair. And then I realized I was mouthing words, that if sound was coming out they would be screams. And I'm sure some of it was that I am tired but there was something that just didn't feel like It was because I'm tired. 

I just needed to led to get that out... Well whatever you'd say that was.. Uh... Hi hi hi ho Back to bed I go....
Two words that have been on my mind lately: 

religion and love

I wanted to write a poem or something.. But I can hardly figure out what I'm even thinking about those lovely horrible words. 
My religion... Disagrees (?) with my love...
and my love.. Is a hot mess.. 

Ive talked with.. "Alfred" about it. (Idk why I picked Alfred XD just the first thing I thought of.) nothing really came of the conversation.. I mean, of course something did.. But, nothing.. Significant I suppose... 

(Im kinda bad at picking words when I speak... I can never get my thoughts out efficiently.. If at all)

Um anyways..
like.. It goes against my beliefs to be involved with who I am. To be brief and blunt, of course there's more details and yada yada yada But that's the main idea of it. 

Im Christian, he's atheist. 

(Which is awfully "funny" cause he has a better relationship with the Lord than I do. And should change that. Want to change that. But... There's the whole thing of me making excuses. That something else I want to change in my life, my relationship with God. I want to make it more... Present.. More real... I am an awful Christian. And I want to really work at this and then get baptized again. And I want to live that baptism out every day of my life until I die. But those are some wants that I haven't put any effort into. I need to learn to walk the walk.) 

(that's another fear that I've developed. And this could happen with anyone, ALL of this could happen with anyone, not just an atheist or a Christian or.. Anyone. I fear that I will lose my faith once I am out on my own. I fear I'll lose my priorities, not that I can truly say I have them straight right now..) 

Well here's the thing, like I could have a relationship with him and such, as I have been... But.. But I'll come back to this cause I don't know what I'm thinking... I don't know how to get it out... I don't know...

ill edit this later.. Hopefully...
One of the worst parts of having to grow up is having to figure out what you're going to do when you're a grown up.


Destinee RaeAnn
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am an aspiring actress who also writes on the side... my hobby! I think of acting as a career and writing as an addiction. I don't write for anyone but myself, so this step, putting my work out in the world, is kind of difficult (as it is for everyone)... Well, I hope you enjoy this!

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